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Our Fire Prevention division is lead by the Fire Prevention Officer Fire Chief James Young.  Chief Young is in charge of providing educational programs at the local schools, scheduling community events and providing education classes at the fire station.  We have a very aggressive and successful fire prevention program.  Our program focuses on the young people of the community.  We feel that through the education of the children in the community it is the number one way to prevent fires.   

Throughout the year we go to the area schools and educate the children on several different fire safety related topics.  Those topics include how to stop drop and roll, escape planning, how to help parents with candle safety, lighter and match prevention, and many other topics.  Not only do we provide a classroom type education with a lecture and video segment but we also demonstrate many techniques so the children get a first hand look and better understand topics like stop drop and roll!

We can only teach our young people so much so it is very important to practice and teach at home.  You need to have a well developed family escape plan and practice it on a regular basis.  Everyone in the home must realize when there is an emergency they must follow their escape plan and leave IMMEDIATELY!  

Always remember if your smoke detector goes off you only have a matter of seconds to quickly and safely leave your home!!  You DO NOT have time to gather personnel belongings!  You must leave IMMEDIATELY and follow your family escape plan! ONCE YOU GET OUT.... YOU STAY OUT!  

If you would like to schedule a fire prevention event, such as a classroom education session, fire station tour, need help with a community event, or if you have questions please email Chief Young or contact him at the fire station on Tuesday nights from 7PM to 9PM at (810) 686-0360.  


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